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Сколько стоит блог построить

Как думаете, дорогие френды, за сколько можно создать блог?
Вот информация о 2 популярных блогах.
Field(s): Elections, Anti-Corruption
Implementation period: 15.02.2007 - 15.06.2007
Budget: AMD 4,840,404.00
Donor(s): USAID Civic Advocacy Support Program, Counterpart International-Armenia
Description: The goal of the project is to promote transparency of 2007 parliamentary elections in view of the pre-election period and the election day itself . The section established on the CRD /TI Armenia website - Election Monitor 2007- targets towards an audience both inside and outside of Armenia, contains photo reportage, articles, interviews, news about associated CRD/TI Armenia work and media monitoring findings related to the elections.
Outcomes: Provision of an alternative source of information and an open forum for free speech and public discussions.
Beneficiary(ies): Citizens, NGOs, political parties, youth groups, media
УПД. Предполагается, что этот сервис будет предоставлять хостинг блоггерам.
Date of Grant Letter:
Grant Number:
Nune  Sargsyan
Grant Amount:
25000  USD
For filling the gap of lack of objective and unbiased information in Armenia via opening an open/alternative information resource. The site will serve as a virtual information/news resource, which would give free access to all election-related information. It will strive to gradually become a full-fledged mass media means and will translate into an online publication aimed at providing the reader with objective information and thorough analysis of the situation. It will also aim at involving the civil society and giving it not only an opportunity to access balanced coverage and analysis of events, but also to participate in discussions and express their opinions. The categories of the site will include news, media digest, regions, interviews, legislation, sociological surveys, monitoring, elections calendar, information about political parties and candidates, as well as an interactive part – blogs and forums, students, on-line voting, TV and radio, photo and video materials, links. This project is co-financed by UNDP for the amount of $24.000. The first transfer will be made by UNDP in the amount of $24.000 by the end of December, 2006. OSI AFA will transfer $25,000 upon receiving the narrative and financial reports from the implementing organization
Tags: Прикладная демократия

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