uzogh (uzogh) wrote,

О патриотичных депутатках - 2

Заруи Постанджян все же просила о азербайджанцев и турок о присоединении к поправкам
I stepped out of our delegation's room, because I had no hope of getting the support of any of them. Where was I to gather cosponsors? You have been at PACE sessions numerous times and know that delegates and reporters gather at the Internet area. This was my second time at a PACE session and I knew few people. I approached two very prominent delegates to ask them to sign on. One was the Swede Göran Lindblad and the other was Andreas Gross of Switzerland. Also present were Gultakin Hajibayli of Azerbaijan and Erol Aslan Cebeci of Turkey. They too joined my three-point suggestion.
Вот, вроде, и все.
Tags: Армянская политика

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