April 13th, 2007


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Protests over Armenian journalist's deportation
4pm UPDATE: Protests against tomorrow's planned deportation from Britain of an Armenian journalist have been growing throughout the day. Gina (or Jina) Khachatryan was arrested at her Salford home on Monday by immigration officers who have arranged for her to be deported tomorrow morning. MediaWise, the media ethics charity, reported that Ms Khachatryan is being held at Yarlswood detention centre with her husband, Vahan Boyakhchyan, and their five-year-old daughter, Elen.
It appears that the home office is on the verge of making a terrible mistake with potentially disastrous consequences. Ms Khachatryan, a broadcast journalist, was imprisoned in Armenia after witnessing and exposing electoral fraud. After being released from jail after 40 days in September 2003 she was warned by a lawyer that that she faced charges likely to lead to a lengthy prison term. So, after a period in hiding, she fled with her husband and daughter, then aged two, to Britain and asked for asylum.

По-моему мы имеем дело с еще одним случаем попытки эмиграции под видом "политических репрессий".
Что за Джина Хачатрян?
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Апдейт по Джине Хачатрян

In Armenia, Gina worked as a television journalist. While covering the 2003 elections, she uncovered a case of corruption by a candidate that was eventually elected to Parliament. When she reported this information, she was threatened by members of the MPs’ campaign team, and arrested for 40 days. When her colleagues managed to get her out of prison, she fled the country. On her way to the UK, in 11 September 2003, she arrived in Malta. “I remember we stayed in Malta for 10 days”, Gina told maltastar.com, “we had no money with us, and we could only afford the hotel. Basically we could not even buy food”.
And why didn’t she try to apply for refugee status in Malta? “On the plane to Malta, a Bulgarian woman told me that Malta is a small country and the authorities do not accept to give asylum to anyone”. So the family continued on their way to the UK.  
Numerous British journalist organisations are also supporting Gina's cause, in the hope that she will not be repatriated.
"Please do not allow this woman and her family to be sent back to so much uncertainty" the human rights activist wrote to Air Malta.

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Да, кстати я отметился в том блоге на гардиан - посмотрим что там ответят.


Джина Хачатрян работала на Общественном ТВ Армении.
Должен заметить, что журналиста с таким именем на H1 не было.

Armenia family is sent 'home'
Yakub Qureshi
13/ 4/2007
AN Armenian TV reporter who fled to Britain after raising the alarm over alleged election fraud is being deported.
Gina Khatchatryan, who has been living with her family in Bury for three years, says her life will be in danger if sent back after blowing the whistle on ballot-rigging.
She, her husband and five-year-old daughter were due to be thrown out today after their asylum appeal was rejected.
But she says she will have to go into hiding on her return having previously received death threats.
The 30-year-old journalist worked for the country's public TV station Armenia 1, but had also supported the campaign of a political candidate in local elections four years ago. While an observer at a polling station, she and others spotted ballot boxes being interfered with and alerted police.
Soon afterwards, she started receiving threats to drop the complaint and decided to go into hiding.
But when thugs visited her and threatened daughter Elena, she was forced to flee the country.
The family had been living in Bury while their application was processed. Elena has been a pupil at Heap Bridge primary school and English is her first language. Immigration officials accepted the facts of the journalist's claim, but believe she had overstated the danger and rejected her argument.
The family were moved from their home in the early hours of Easter Monday and taken to Yarls Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire. They were due to be deported today from Heathrow Airport.
Home Office officials said an initial assessment by immigration services and subsequent appeal hearings had deemed that the family did not face sufficient risk.